Do I need a graphic designer for vector graphics? For most businesses images have multiple uses. If an image is designed it may be used for banners, business cards, and other printer materials. Most know the consequence of altering the resolution of your average image. You may drastically reduce the image quality to the point where it's not usable. That's where vector graphics and vector art comes into place. When you convert an image to vector art format you are allowed to then use an image that is tiny while using that same image to make it huge without killing the quality of your image.

Vector graphics services I will provide multiple formats for your vectorized images at your request, including .EPS and .AI format. If you need an image edited before being vectorized, we can offer that too. All of this will be included in the sum price of the service. Cost depends on the image and time for completion of the job. If you simly need to inquire about how to vectorize an image and a vector graphics editor let me know. Please feel free to contact me for any more questions or concerns at


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